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What our guests have to say...

"The cottage and its setting are gorgeous; your beautiful architecture, tasteful furnishings, and artful landscaping are a great credit to you. You afforded us a wonderful environment in which to achieve rest and renewal."

Stephanie and Barrie, Lions Bay, B.C.

"We are so glad you decided to build these wonderful cottages and share your paradise with those of us who need a retreat of quiet and peace in which to rejuvenate with nature's assistance. What a blessing! It lifts my spirits to know this is here and we can and will return! Thank you for all the details you have so carefully added to a building created with such expertise and care to make this such a comfortable and welcoming haven. Can't think of much you could do to make it better."

Donna and Tom, Victoria

"Fantastic island, great cabin, and super beach! I love the post and beam design. Hope to be back someday."

Grant, Anacortes, Wash.

"Thank you for helping out in a pinch. Our original expectations of a cottage on Saturna were far surpassed upon our arrival to Balsam Cottage. With parents in tow, the cottage, its ocean side location, and a peaceful setting, set a backdrop for an unforgettable weekend."

Warren & Lesley, Vancouver, B.C.

"We feel very blessed to have stayed here at Balsam Cottage. We're certainly not looking forward to leaving this beautiful site. This tranquil setting was just what we were looking for this vacation. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. You folks are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to wake up to each morning."

Bruce and Bridget, Nashville, Tennessee

"We have been very happy in this peaceful, beautiful place. Thanks for everything you do to make this so special, including all the warmth and friendliness you offer. We surely plan to come back."

Toni & Bob, Palo Alto, California

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